Kelly Hatcher
Austin Texas Metropolitan Area
kelly at dwarfworks dot com

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Internet/Intranet; Software Research, Design & Development; System Architecture; System/Software Integration; Team Lead; Troubleshooting; Multi-platform, Heterogeneous Environments
Technical Experience
Current Languages / Skills: Java, JSP, EJB, J2EE, JDBC, Hibernate
Current Operating Systems: Unix (Linux, Solaris, AIX, etc.), Windows XP, Windows 2003
Professional Experience
Senior Software Engineer Jul. 2006 - Present
SAIC, 4175 Friedrich Lane, Austin, TX
Developed J2EE software in support of the IRS ATFR web project. Designed and developed software for the IRS AOIC automation project. Analyzed legacy Informix 4GL and designed infrastructure & implementation for the port of the legacy system to a J2EE application to be run in parallel during incremental national rollout of the new system.

Utilized: Java, JSP, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle Appserver (OC4J), Informix
Worked on: WinXP, Linux, Solaris

Senior Software Engineer Oct. 2004 - Jun. 2006
EDGE Technologies, 3701 Pender Dr, Fairfax, VA
Developed desktop video and audio recording software with application focus tracking in order to supply “Game Tape” information for instant review in a training environment. Evolved the "Game Tape" Proof-of-Concept into a fully featured, client/server, Intranet training application with the ability to dynamically record new modules from any trainer’s desktop. Refactored and redesigned Sciatica software package to create a maintainable installation footprint along with creating an installer for easy installation and upgrade.

Utilized: Java, JSP, Hibernate, MySQL, C++, C#, J#, Tomcat, JSTL, Javascript, .NET, XML
Worked on: WinXP, Linux

Senior Software Engineer Aug. 2000 - Oct. 2004
Vignette, 1301 South MoPac Expressway, Austin TX
Developed EJB & JSP components for Vignette software. Ported an Enterprise Application from IBM WebSphere to a non-Application Server specific architecture to enable support for multiple Application Servers. Developed rapid prototypes of new capabilities for POCs and/or Demos. Provided cross-group support as a critical troubleshooter. Performed system integration efforts for several Vignette products with regard to various J2EE Application Servers & Database Servers. Designed, developed and integrated a centralized automatic update system for distributed multi-tier installations.
Utilized: Java, J2EE, EJB, JSP, JDBC, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Vignette Content Suite, Oracle, SQLServer, DB2
Worked on: WinXP, Win2K, Solaris, AIX, Linux

Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead Apr. 2000 - Aug. 2000, 9430 Research Blvd, Echelon II, Suite 300, Austin TX
Team Lead for design and development of a client/server site-monitoring tool with an Operations Center friendly GUI and a pluggable monitor API for adding/integrating new and existing monitor capabilities.
Utilized: Java, Perl, XML
Worked on: Linux

Principal Consultant Mar. 1999 - Mar. 2000
Intellecap (now RABA Technologies), 8830 Stanford Blvd., Ste. 205, Columbia MD
Participated in the on-going development of a distributed analysis system based on software agents written in Java, C, and C++. Extended and revised this system to enable massive scalability in data throughput and/or number of processing nodes. Ported system to run in a Distributed Computing Environment. Ported various native C and C++ code segments and associated JNI to run on AIX and/or Linux. Designed and coded web-based software for the analysis of dataflow statistics.
Utilized: Java, Perl, CORBA, JNI, RMI, C, C++, Flex, XML
Worked on: Linux, Solaris, AIX, WinNT

Senior Software Engineer / Architect & Team Lead Aug. 1997 - Feb. 1999
EDGE Technologies, 3701 Pender Dr, Fairfax, VA
Architected the design of Proteus, a web-based streaming multi-media Java client/server system. Lead Engineer during development of Proteus. Developed and coded 100% Java implementations of network communications protocols used by Proteus, including RTSP and RTP. Integrated Java based versions of various Internet standard protocols and formats including HTTP, HTML, XML, and SAX. Designed and developed a Web Based Storage Protocol and reference implementation for utilization by Java applets. Functioned as emergency consultant on assorted projects. Created and architected design for interactive pan and zoom creation and editing of boolean constructs.
Utilized: Java, CORBA, XML, Unicode, SAX, JavaScript
Worked on: WinNT, Solaris.

Computer Scientist / Lead Engineer Jan. 1995 - Aug. 1997
Computer Sciences Corporation, 7471 Candlewood Road, Hanover MD
Lead Engineer for the Intelink Service Management Center, the support and development center for the implementation and application of the Internet/WWW toolset and paradigm on three different government/military world-wide intranets. Developed, integrated, and/or modified web-wanderers, multi-platform search engines, and collaborative work tools into the environment, including the development of a "Yahoo"-like hierarchical information locator tool. Trained, supported, and tasked Members of the Technical Staff. Supported and debugged networks, routing, IRC, NNTP, sendmail and DNS at root levels throughout all three networks. Installed, configured, and supported Firewalls, VPNs and Restricted Proxy services.
Utilized: C, Perl, SQL, HTTP, JavaScript
Worked on: Solaris, AIX, Digital Unix, IRIX, SunOS

Member of the Technical Staff Jun. 1993 - Jan. 1995
The Mitre Corporation, 7525 Colshire Dr., McLean VA
Senior Developer during POC and development of Intelink, an implementation of the Internet/WWW toolset and paradigm on Government network(s). Leveraged this knowledge to implement the same toolset and paradigm on other government networks and sites. Intelink was awarded the "Hammer Award" by the U.S. Vice President for breaking the mold of government. Performed Systems Design, and Systems Integration during installation and implementation of a multi-platform, heterogeneous network environment. Designed and installed a text-retrieval system with real-time data, utilizing commercial software and X11 to run on Sun, Macintosh, and OS/2 workstations. Performed general trouble-shooting and integration.
Utilized: C, HTTP, WAIS
Worked on: Solaris, SunOS, OS/2, MacOS

Software Engineer Jun. 1991 - Jun. 1993
GE Aerospace (now Lockheed Martin), 10803 Parkridge Blvd., Reston VA
Analyzed requirements, designed, coded, implemented and documented software during the development of an Open Source Information System text search & retrieval database system utilizing a real-time, multi-source, fully indexed commercial text searching engine (OSIS IC-ROSE).
Utilized: C, DbaseIV
Worked on: OS/2

Programmer Analyst / Team Lead Sep. 1985 - Jun. 1991
U.S. Air Force, Ramstein AFB Germany & Patrick AFB FL
Team Lead for analysis, design and development of a user friendly data acquisition and display system written in C, later led translation into Ada. Assistant Team Lead for analysis and design of a distributed digital hydroacoustic wave form acquisition, analysis and display system. Performed R&D and proof-of-concepts in C and Ada during design of system. Assisted development/maintenance shop as a troubleshooter. Maintained systems on various platforms and languages. Helped develop various hardware/software solutions to technical problems. Lead programmer during upgrade of a major section of a M204 database/data analysis system. Programmer during development of a large M204 database/system.
Utilized: C, Ada, FORTRAN, S.1, JCL, PL/I, Copernicus, X11, M204, COBOL, IBM JCL

Bachelor of Science, Computer and Information Science, University College University of Maryland, 1998
Associate of Applied Science, Information Systems Management, Community College of the Air Force, 1991

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