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So you want a Rapier Helm / Helmet?


There are many reasons for a helm. Maybe you want something that clashes less with your garb. Maybe you want something more appropriate to the the period that you re-enact. Or you don't care what it looks like, you just need to cover the back of your head for SCA Cut & Thrust or WMA. Or all of the above.

Whatever your reason, it can be difficult to find a Rapier Helm. Fencing Masks are easy, any Olympic fencing website carries them and they cost next to nothing. Rapier helms aren't as widely used as Heavy/Chivalric Helms so there isn't as large a market, and hence a smaller supply. Fortunately there are a few people making/modifying helms for fencing and selling them. Of course you could just modify one yourself *grin*.

So what kind of helms work best for fencing rapier, Cut & Thrust or WMA sparring?

  • Burgonet
  • Lobstertail Helmet
  • Zischagge
  • Combed Morion
  • Close Helm

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